Gopuff Austin: Announcing Our ATX Local Partners
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Gopuff Austin: Announcing Our ATX Local Partners

From NadaMoo! Ice Cream to Siete Foods and Waterloo Sparkling Water, Gopuff Austin has it all!

February 19, 2021

Passionate about connecting with and uplifting each of the communities in which we work and deliver, Gopuff regularly partners with local brands across the U.S. to deliver their locally loved products to customers’ doors in minutes. Since choosing Austin as our first operating metro in Texas in 2015, Gopuff has partnered with multiple local businesses and launched two additional micro-fulfillment centers in the area! With Gopuff, customers in Austin can have local, creative, quality products at their convenience for a delivery fee as low as $2.95.

From Atlanta to Miami to Nashville, local products are quickly becoming customers’ go-to choices on Gopuff. Read about our local Austin partners below and, if you’re interested in having your own product(s) made available on Gopuff, reach out to us at

Austin Sweets


  • Nada moo ice cream cookie fudge dough

  • Nada moo ice cream strawberry cheesecake

  • Nada moo ice cream rockiest road

NadaMoo! believes that everyone deserves to eat ice cream, so in 2004, founder Amy Ramm created a frozen dessert that everyone could eat: a creamy coconut milk ice cream with zero dairy. After the small batch she whipped up for friends and family in Austin went quick, she made more. And more. And more. Now, NadaMoo! is available nationally at retailers such as Whole Foods. 

NadaMoo! is more than just a tasty frozen treat. It uses sustainably sourced ingredients and comes in eco-friendly packaging. Plus, it features a wide variety of flavors to satisfy every taste. Order here: Lotta Mint Chip, Marshmallow Stardust and Cookie Dough Fudge.


  • GoodPop Chocolade Fudge ice cream

  • GoodPop orange

  • GoodPop watermelon

It all started as a craving for something cold on a hot summer day in 2009. That’s when University of Texas student Daniel Goetz went to an Austin sno-cone stand, where he famously asked an employee, “What’s in that syrup?”

After receiving a shoulder shrug in response, Goetz decided his beloved city deserved a better frozen treat. Two months later, his GoodPop All-Natural Frozen Pops hit the market—specifically, the farmers’ markets in Austin—and it wasn’t long before they became a smash hit. 

Now, the frozen pops can be found on the shelves of Whole Foods and other retailers in 40+ states across the country. They’re made with non-GMO, Fair Trade Certified, organic and locally sourced ingredients. Order here: Chocolate Fudge, Orange N’ Cream, Watermelon Agave and Cherry and Lemonade

Lick Honest Ice Cream

  • lick ice cream honey country bean

  • lick ice cream dark chocolate

  • lick ice cream fresh mint chocolate

At Lick Honest Ice Cream, being “honest” means treating customers to good old-fashioned ice cream free from artificial colors or flavors, high fructose corn syrup and preservatives.  Lick uses milk and cream sourced from a local family-owned dairy farm in Central Texas. By working directly with local farmers and food artisans to source their fine ingredients, Lick  promises a farm-to-table product that is always fresh and delicious. 

In an effort to serve up the freshest, most honest ice creams possible, Lick makes every single batch by hand in their Northwest Austin kitchen. To ensure high quality control, every flavor is created in 3- to 5-gallon batches and then immediately packed by hand into pints or sandwiches or sent to the dipping cabinet.

And all the toppings—everything from the sauces and syrups to the cookies and marshmallows—are made by hand. They put so much care into their products, you can taste it in every lick! Gopuff delivers pints and sandwiches to doors in 30 minutes. Order these honest-to-goodness treats here.

Elite Sweets

  • elite donuts birthday cake

  • elite donuts chocolate

  • elite donuts cinnamon sugar

Donuts that are good for you? It seems like the stuff of dreams, but it’s the reality of Elite Sweets. These protein-packed treats are low-sugar, low-carb, gluten-free, soy-free and Keto-friendly. 

Elite’s founders—Amin Bahari, Timothy Cole, Jr. and Caleb Blueitt—got the idea to create a better-for-you donut back in college. During one late night, they decided to grab food, but only had 2 options to choose from: fast food and donuts. Donuts were the more affordable choice for these broke college students, so they went with the classic fried sweet. However, they really wanted a healthier snack and wondered if they couldn’t turn this delicious treat into something better.

Inspired by their own weight-loss journeys, Amin, Timothy and Caleb set out to create a donut that doubled as a healthy snack. That’s when Elite Donuts was born. Each donut contains 13 grams of protein and is designed to be enjoyed anytime, from breakfast to post-workout. Order these nutritious treats here: Chocolate, Cinnamon Sugar, and Birthday Cake Donuts. 

Stroop Club

  • Stroopwaffles

  • stroop club Stroopwaffles chai caramel

  • stroop club Stroopwaffles traditional

When Chantal and Tako moved from the Netherlands to Austin in 2015, they brought a little piece of home with them in the form of stroopwafels, or wafer cookies made from 2 thin layers of baked dough joined by a delicious caramel filling. Chantal and Tako soon found that Americans loved their quintessentially Dutch treats, and Stroop Club was born. 

Since then, they have made a ton of new friends while traveling around the country to share their stroopwafels with coffee shops and retail stores. That’s why they believe that stroopwafels can buy you happiness, and they suggest you buy some happiness for yourself right now! Order here: Traditional, Gluten-Free, and Chai.

Bougie’s Donuts

Bougie's Donuts variety pack of 6 assorted donuts

It’s no surprise Bougie’s Donuts has appeared on several “Best Donuts in Austin” lists, via outlets from Eater to Thrillist. The humble shop in Sunset Valley elevates the beloved American breakfast food with gourmet toppings and glazes, creating unique treats that could be considered works of art in some circles. Bougie’s donuts are inclusive, too, giving those with dietary restrictions the chance to indulge. Order here: Assorted Cake Donut Box, Gluten-Free Assorted Cake Donut Box, Glazed Cake Donut Box, and Vegan Blueberry Cake Donut Box

Austin Drinks, Beer & Hard Seltzers

Austin Eastciders

A variety pack of assorted Austin Eastciders hard ciders, 12-pack

Ed Gibson has an encyclopedic knowledge about cider, and not just because he’s an Englishman. Ed actually owned a cider bar in Bristol—England’s cider country. He eventually moved to Austin, where he partnered with Mark King to create Austin Eastciders and their first cider, Gold Top. 

Austin Eastciders uses real cider apples sourced from Europe combined with apples from the Pacific Northwest to create well-balanced ciders. In fact, unlike other overly sweet ciders, Austin Eastciders’ drinks are intended to be sessionable so you can have more than 1 or 2 in a row. The ciders come in a range of styles in order to appeal to beer, wine and cider drinkers alike, and they are gluten-free and certified Kosher. Order Austin Eastciders’ delicious creations here.

Waterloo Sparkling Water

  • Waterloo sparkling water grape

  • Waterloo sparkling water strawberry

  • Waterloo sparkling water  peach

When creating its product, Waterloo Sparkling Water’s team knew it had to craft a drink that focused on bold flavor, something it found lacking in other sparkling water brands. Waterloo also wanted to use zero synthetic ingredients, sugars, artificial sweeteners and sodium, as well as add more carbonation.

The result? People can’t stop buying the Austin brand. Waterloo’s offerings can now be found at major retailers across the country and on Gopuff. Order this refreshingly healthy choice here: Grapefruit, Strawberry, Grape, Black Cherry, and Lemon Lime.

Me & the Bees

  • me and the bees lemonade classic

  • me and the bees lemonade ginger

  • me and the bees lemonade prickly pear

After being stung by a bee at the age of 4, Me & the Bees founder Mikaila Ulmer became fascinated and learned all about what honeybees do for us and our ecosystem. Later, she decided to give her Great Granny’s lemonade recipe a new twist by adding honey from bees, instead of only sugar to sweeten it. She started selling her conscious creation at youth entrepreneurial events and at her lemonade stand out in front of her home in Austin, donating a percentage of the profits to local and international organizations fighting hard to save the honeybees. 

Mikaila’s now 15, and her little idea from more than 10 years ago has grown by more than 500 percent since the company’s humble beginnings. Me & the Bees’ lemonade drinks can currently be found in Whole Foods, Kroger and other major retailers, and Mikaila even appeared on “Shark Tank.” Today, her award-winning, ready-to-drink Me & the Bees Lemonades are available on Gopuff in 3 refreshing flavors: Classic, Prickly Pear, and Ginger.

BeatBox Beverages

  • beatbox tropical punch

  • beatbox pink lemonade

  • beatbox fresh watermelon

BeatBox founders and friends Justin Fenchel, Aimy Steadman, Brad Schultz, Dan Singer and Jason Scheick loved the idea of boxed wine, but had grown tired of drinking the same stuff over and over. . So in 2011, they decided to do something about it. The team got to work and developed their own drink in a box: BeatBox Beverages Boxed Cocktails.

These wine-based party punches come in individual boxes and a variety of fruity flavors that have earned rave reviews. The founders even took their idea to Shark Tank, where Mark Cuban invested $1 million in their company. Now, you can get their boxed cocktails on Gopuff Austin. Order here.

Rambler Sparkling Water

  • Rambler sparkling water grapefruit

  • Rambler sparkling water

  • Rambler sparkling water lemon and lime

Rambler Sparkling Water cares deeply about sustainability. First and foremost, its sparkling water is made from sustainably sourced water. Rambler removes the impurities and then remineralizes it through a proprietary Texas limestone filtration process before adding carbonation. The result is a complex flavor unlike any other sparkling water on the market. 

But that’s not all. Rambler also partners with conservation programs like American Rivers and Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation to help preserve native habitats. And they package their water in aluminum cans for infinite recycling. The cans serve another purpose, too: They can be easily toted to the crystal-clear limestone-filtered Texas swimming holes that inspired the Austin brand. Grab some cans from Gopuff today. Order here: Original, Grapefruit and Lemon-Lime sparkling water.

Independence Brewing Company

  • Independence Brewing Red Bud

  • Independence Brewing stash ipa

  • Independence Brewing austin amber

In 2004, long before most of the country had even heard of craft beer, Independence Brewing Company began making craft brews in Austin. It was a small operation headed by Amy and Rob Cartwright and their dog, but it has since grown to a team of 40 people producing more than 17,000 barrels of beer a year. Now, Independence Brewing Company is one of the largest, longest-standing breweries in Central Texas. Order this local Austin staple here.

Blue Norther Seltzer

  • Blue norther hard seltzer wild blueberry

  • Blue norther hard seltzer agave lime

Blue Norther is truly an Austin business. Father-son duo Austin T. and Austin M. came up with the idea for their Austin, Texas, hard seltzer after a long day of working on their ranch. They noticed that the hard seltzer they grabbed left a strange aftertaste and was made with confusing ingredients. So they decided to develop their own home-grown beverage made with high-quality real fruit and organic agave nectar.

They called it Blue Norther after the refreshing fast-moving cold fronts known to blow across the Texas plains.Their own refreshment features low sugar, soft bubbles, and no gluten, malt, or chemicals.Now, this Texas-born-and-brewed beverage is available for delivery on Gopuff. Order here: Wild Blackberry and Agave Lime Hard Seltzer.

Kosmic Kombucha

  • Kosmic Kombucha groovy green

  • Kosmic Kombucha salty dog

  • Kosmic Kombucha black magic

The Rioses have meticulously developed, tested and perfected their kombucha recipe and flavors over the years, utilizing a variety of fresh, organic and delicious ingredients. Now, this local staple, lovingly brewed in the heart of Austin for over a decade, is available for delivery in minutes from Gopuff Austin. Order here: Salty Dog, Groovy Green, Black Magic, and Texas Blues Kombucha.

After moving to Austin, it wasn’t long before Omar and Mina Rios got involved in the local yoga scene and were introduced to kombucha. For years, they purchased a home-brewed booch from a fellow yogi, but when she decided not to brew her own tea anymore, the duo jumped in to fill the void—and in 2010, Kosmic Kombucha was born.

Austin Foods

Siete Foods

  • Siete foods grain free cinnamon chips

  • Siete foods nacho dip

  • Siete foods grain free nacho torilla chips

Siete Family Foods was born when the Garza family, a family of 7 (siete!) overcame a series of major health challenges. They began learning about the ways that food can either heal or harm them, so the family decided to adopt a low-inflammation, grain-free diet.

At first, this proved challenging for the Mexican-American family from South Texas. They tried swapping out flour and corn tortillas for lettuce leaves, but it just wasn’t the same. So Veronica Garza decided to make grain-free tortillas for her family. They were a big hit, so much so that Grandma even said Veronica’s grain-free tortillas were better than the homemade flour tortillas Grandma had been making for decades.

With such a rave review, the Garzas knew they had something special, and Siete Foods was born. Now, Austin can order their grain-free tortillas and other Mexican food products on Gopuff. Order everything from tortillas to queso here.


  • Tacodeli salsa roja

  • Tacodeli tortilla chips

  • Tacodeli queso dip

Austin’s Tacodeli is so committed to using local ingredients, that when it was first starting out in the early 2000s, owners Roberto Espinosa and Eric Wilkerson would try to source eggs for their taqueria from Austin farmers markets—despite the fact that it was cost-prohibitive. Why? They knew they wanted the freshest ingredients for their made-from-scratch Mexican food. 

They still source from local farmers, ranchers and brands to create the type of crave-worthy food that has allowed them to open restaurant locations across Texas. In addition to breakfast tacos, classic meat and seafood tacos, and vegetarian tacos, Tacodeli offers cult-favorite grocery products that you can get delivered to your door in 30 minutes with Gopuff Austin. Order here.

Vital Farms

  • Vital farms uncured bacon cheddar egg bites

  • Vital farms pasture raised hard boiled eggs

  • Vital farms uncured ham bell peppers egg bites

Vital Farms may have begun as a small operation—a brood of 20 Rhode Island Reds on an Austin pasture owned by husband-and-wife team Matt O’Hayer and Catherine Stewart—but it has since transformed into a company with more than 200 family farm partners across the country. Vital Farms owes its success to its commitment to ethical food and animal welfare. Every hen and cow on each farm is pasture-raised and humanely treated, and farmers do not use pesticides or herbicides on their pastures. 

Vital Farms believes that their commitment to conscious capitalism benefits everyone involved,  including farmers and suppliers, customers, stockholders and the environment. Order here: Dozen Pasture Raised Large Grade A Eggs, Pasture-Raised Hard Boiled Eggs, Uncured Bacon and Cheddar Cheese Pasture-Raised Egg Bites and Uncured Ham, Bell Peppers, Onion & Cheese Pasture-Raised Egg Bites

Rhythm Superfoods

  • A bag of Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips, Kool Ranch flavor

  • A bag of Rhythm Superfoods naked beet chips

  • A bag of Rhythm Superfoods White Cheddar Cauliflower Bites

Life’s complicated, snacks shouldn’t be. Rhythm Superfoods believe that food should bring out the best in you, so they put the best into their food. They make nutrient-dense, inspired, plant-based snacks that move you closer to wellness. That means every bite is bursting with the flavors you crave, and packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants to fuel your life. Order these better-for-you bites here.

Cocina 54 Empanadas

  • Cocina54 traditional beef

  • Cocina54 spinach cheese

  • Cocina54 chicken veggies

Cocina 54 Empanadas’ “filling tastes homemade,” claims the Huffington Post. And it makes sense. Cecilia Panichelli & Federico Carrillo spent years making empanadas at home on the weekends because they missed the empanadas of Argentina, their home country. They also loved the convenience of grabbing a delicious empanada whenever they wanted a snack. Realizing they had something here, they decided to create their own company. 

They did a lot of research, ate a lot of empanadas and started selling their filled pastries in local stores in Austin. Today, thousands of consumers enjoy Cocina 54 Empanadas in more than 200 local stores, and now they’re available for delivery with Gopuff. Order here: Chicken & Peppers, Traditional Beef, Spinach Cheese and Spicy Beef Empanadas. 

Tapio Brazilian Cheese Breads

  • Tapio cheese bread mushroom

  • Tapio cheese bread pepper

  • Tapio cheese bread

Before Lua Brazil, it was impossible to find pão de queijo (Brazilian cheese bread)in Austin. But Christiano Prado’s friends craved the light, flaky, cheesy bread globes—a popular Brazilian street food—so Prado decided to help them get their cheese bread fix and founded Lua Brazil. 

Lua Brazil’s Tapio Brazilian Cheese Bread is now available as a traditional savory parmesan snack or as a sweet cinnamon snack that pairs perfectly with coffee. The cheese bread is gluten-free and grain-free, something that continues to surprise Austinites when they bite into the bready treat. Try them for yourself, and order here.

Austin Snacks & Spreads

Yellowbird Sauces

  • Yellowbird serrano sauce

  • Yellowbird habanero sauce

  • Yellowbird jalapeno sauce

Get your taste buds ready: Yellowbird Hot Sauces are here to shake things up. Founders Erin and George have been heating things up since 2012, growing their own specialty peppers and working with small farms and farmers to get the best ingredients.

Yellowbird uses the freshest, juiciest fruits and veggies nature has to offer to make a hot sauce experience you’ll never forget. Featured in Thrillist and on Complex and First We Feast’s “Hot Ones,” these sauces are sure to wow your palate! Order here: Jalapeno, Habanero, Serrano condiment.

EPIC Provisions

  • Epic bison bacon cranberry bar

  • Epic texas bbq pork rinds

  • Epic smoked maple bacon bar

Austin’s Paleo-friendly EPIC Provisions may be made with 100% grass-fed meat, fruit and nuts, but they have surprising vegetarian roots. Co-founders Katie Forrest and Taylor Collins were looking for a way to eat “clean” and replenish their bodies after hard workouts, so they became vegetarians. They soon found themselves consuming large amounts of soy and lots of carbohydrates with very little fat, and they felt sick constantly.

To try to fix that, they went vegan, and when they felt worse, they tried a raw food diet. It wasn’t until they began eating healthy animal fats, grass-fed protein and leafy vegetables—now called the Paleo diet—that they felt not only better, but better than ever. 

Katie and Taylor had no problems preparing their Paleo meals at home, but they soon realized that there was a lack of conveniently packaged animal-protein foods. So they decided to create their own, and EPIC was born. 

EPIC Provisions use sustainably sourced and humanely treated animals for protein, and they include Keto-friendly and Whole 30–approved options. Order here: Smoked Maple Bacon Bar, Bison Bacon Cranberry Bar, Beef Jalapeno Bar, Texas BBQ Pork Rinds and Chili Lime Baked Pork Rinds.

The Pickle House

  • The pickle house texas sweet heat

  • The pickle house fresh dill and garlic

  • The pickle house bread and butter

You could say Sam Addison is obsessed with pickles. He began making them at age 10 and continued to tweak and perfect his recipes over the years. While in culinary school, he began selling his homemade Pogue Mahone Pickles at an Austin farmers’ market, and they quickly gained a cult following. His pickles were so good that they went on to win the National Good Food Awards 4 times and were deemed “Best Pickle” by Southern Living Magazine. 

Sam’s tiny operation soon grew into a full-scale pickle production in a shared kitchen space in South Austin and then a Southern food restaurant, The Pickle House cafe. Sam’s famous pickles are now available for instant delivery in Austin with Gopuff. Order here: Bread & Butter, Fresh Dill & Garlic, Texas Sweet Heat and Serrano Lime Cold Pack Jar Pickles.

HomePlate Peanut Butter

  • homeplate peanut butter honey

  • homeplate creamy peanut butter

  • homeplate crunchy peanut butter

As former professional baseball players, the founders of Austin’s HomePlate Peanut Butter relied on peanut butter to fuel them for those long days on the baseball diamond while they were growing up. But the peanut butter of their childhoods was either super sugary or bland-tasting and prone to separation. They wanted something simple that tasted good, so they created HomePlate Peanut Butter. 

HomePlate’s jars are made with 4 or 5 simple ingredients and require zero refrigeration or stirring. With 7 grams of protein per serving, HomePlate powers life on and off the field for athletes, students, busy parents and more. Order here: Crunchy, Creamy and Honey Peanut Butter.

Austin Coffee

High Brew Coffee

  • High brew black bold

  • High brew vanilla

  • High brew

It all started with tea. When High Brew founder David Smith sold his iced tea company after 10 years of hard work, he needed a break. So David and his family decided to follow a lifelong dream and spend some time on the open seas. During their adventures, he and his wife, Elizabeth, made lots of cold brew coffee to stay alert. 

They loved the bold, smooth flavor and punch of caffeine so much that they decided to create their own smooth cold brew coffee drink and package it in a can for easy drinking. Their High Brew Coffee is made from 100% Direct Trade Arabica beans purchased from family farmers in Colombia, 1/3 of whom are women. A portion of the Austin company’s sales is even given to their Direct Trade partners to help support them. Try a can of High Brew today; order here.

Chameleon Coffee

  • Chameleon organic unsweetened black cold brew

  • Chameleon organic dark chocolate oat milk

When you’re a self-professed coffee geek, you do whatever it takes to create the perfect cup of coffee, even if it means spending months experimenting with different brewing formulas. That’s exactly what Chameleon Coffee’s founders, Chris Campbell and Steve Williams, did when they created their cold brew. They finally settled on air-roasted certified organic Arabica beans paired with a precise brewing time and temperature, resulting in the best coffee they had ever tasted.

They loved the bold yet super smooth cold brew so much that they had to share it with others and Austin’s Chameleon Coffee cold brew was born. Now, their delicious creations are available on Gopuff. Order here: Original Cold Brew Latte, Unsweetened Black Cold Brew and Dark Chocolate Oat Milk Cold Brew Latte.

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