Gopuff Atlanta: Announcing Gopuff’s Local Partners in Atlanta
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Gopuff Atlanta: Announcing Gopuff’s Local Partners in Atlanta

From King of Pops to Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit, we’re just getting started in Atlanta!

December 18, 2020

Ever passionate about connecting with and uplifting each of the communities in which we work and deliver, we at Gopuff regularly partner with local brands across the U.S. to deliver their locally loved products to customers’ doors in minutes.

Since launching in Atlanta in 2017, Gopuff has opened 5 additional micro-fulfillment centers in the area, created local partnerships and engaged with the community by providing employees at Emory University Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital with digital credits for use on delivery of Gopuff’s wide range of essentials through our Health Care Support Initiative.

From Phoenix to Miami to Nashville, local products are quickly becoming customers’ go-to choices on Gopuff. Read about our local Atlanta partners below and, if you’re interested in having your own product(s) made available on Gopuff, reach out to us at

King of Pops

  • A King of Pops raspberry popsicle

  • King of pops chocolate sea salt pop

  • King of pops cookies and cream pop

King of Pops started with a couple thousand bucks, a used ice cream pushcart and a whole lot of luck. Their success is due to amazing community support and their mission: to create Unexpected Moments of Happiness.

Now, customers in Atlanta can have select flavors like Raspberry Lime and Chocolate Sea Salt delivered in minutes. Order here: Raspberry Lime, Chocolate Sea Salt, Cookies n’ Cream.

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

  • callie's cheddar biscuits

  • callie's blueberry biscuits

  • callie's buttermilk biscuits

Callie’s is a handmade biscuit company with a small family of bakers, keeping the tradition of Southern biscuit-making alive by baking hot little biscuits for your table as well as their own. Callie’s is honoring the tradition of one of the South’s oldest art forms and forging new traditions for those they serve.

After over 15 years in business, founder Carrie Morey’s mission is still the same: to make her mother’s tender, buttery, made-by-hand biscuits accessible across the country. Order Buttermilk, Blueberry and Cheddar biscuits here.

Sublime Donuts

Box of sublime donuts

In 2008, trained pastry chef Kamal Grant knew he needed to do something fun with his skills. He wanted something new, so he decided to open Sublime Donuts, making quality and whimsical donuts before it was trendy. Now, customers can enjoy Kamal’s delicious donuts on a whim; order for instant delivery from Gopuff here

Revolution Gelato

  • Revolution gelato triple chocolate

  • Revolution gelato vanilla

  • Revolution gelato mega mint

Back in 2010, founder Jared Olkin couldn’t find any really good dairy-free ice cream in the stores, so he started tinkering around in his kitchen and made his own recipe. Olkin knew many other people who would benefit from this kind of product, and they wouldn’t have it if he didn’t do something—here was a way he was uniquely able to contribute to fixing a broken food system. What began as a quest to solve a personal need quickly morphed into obsession, and into the concept of Revolution Gelato.

Revolution is growing its customer base, winning awards and making smiles. And they’ve got plenty more to tackle in pursuit of their mission. Grab a friend, grab a spoon and join the plant-based revolution. Order here: Choose from Mega Mint, Classic Vanilla and Triple Chocolate mini gelato pies.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

  • Jeni's brown butter almond brittle pint

  • Jeni's brambleberry crisp pint

  • Jenis gooey butter cake pint

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is a modern American ice cream company devoted to making the finest ice creams the world has ever known. Founded in Columbus, Ohio in 2002 by award-winning ice cream maker Jeni Britton Bauer, Jeni’s has emerged over the past 18 years as the new standard by which all other ice creams are judged.

With Jeni in charge of all creative output—from the ice cream itself to all of the supporting details that enhance the experience of eating it—Jeni’s continues to make one-of-a-kind flavors with Direct and Fair Trade ingredients and super fresh milk from family dairy farms. Now, customers in Atlanta can order select pints like Gooey Butter Cake, Brambleberry Crisp and Brown Butter Almond Brittle for delivery to their door in minutes.

Geechie Boy Grits

  • Geechie boy mill white grits

  • Geechie boy mill yellow grits

In 2007, the Johnsmans started milling grits to supplement their farm income. Founder Greg Johnsman met Jack Brock, a third-generation miller who taught Greg the process of milling grits the old-fashioned way. Greg was hooked.

Mr. Brock encouraged Greg to purchase and restore the mill and separator. Greg easily agreed that the mill must be on display for the public to see and never be sold again. That antique mill is used to produce Geechie Boy Grits for the public to see—both an educational tool and a glimpse into the past. 

The Johnsmans are preserving a way of life and capturing a piece of Southern history for generations to come. Now, customers in Atlanta can order their Yellow and White grits for instant delivery.

Want to know who we’ve partnered with in your city? Click here for more on our nationwide partnerships.

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